About us


We are a friends and family project, who ethically source, and make by hand the majority of our offerings. We combine our skills to allow our customers to find products that meet the sensitivity of the body and the consideration of the mind that comes with being a yoga practitioner. 

Our flair for creativity, along with my own paradigm shift of what yoga really is, gave rise to a wish to always guide the way for yoga practitioners to embody 'sthira sukham asanam' into their practise.

Translated as 'asana is a comfortable and steady posture', my wish for myself and others, was to really come from this place when we practise.

For many years I didn't, as I pushed myself in yoga practise like most of us push ourselves in life - to get it right, to progress, to go further...

The same old stick.

Sukha is good space, comfort, happiness, ease. And when we give up pushing asana from the mind, this is what we find. When we become steady and still, the magic of yoga unfolds.

How sad that some of us miss this...

So Sukha was born; sat like a little maxim on the corner of my mat, a perpetual reminder that Sukha is good space. The project began mulling over breakfast with Mike about the questions I get most asked in Yoga...

How can I not slip?!

What's the best mat?

So I searched the globe for solutions and out of this came our core products: our beautiful Eco yoga mats found in Scotland and Magnesium powder sourced in Wales.

From here, the creativity and passion for good design and fine quality encouraged more dreams and designs, and the resolve that Sukha will always be an ethical, considerate company, mindful of the environment and the materials we use.

We Create and source products to help the practitioner find comfort and ease. Then, we look at the Earth and marvel at its beauty, from this arises some of our designs, that quite frankly, we just bedazzle our selves with! Everything you see in Sukha is what we love, what we use, what we wear, what we design...we're just sharing the love!

We are of the Earth, we should walk lightly upon it, but we can also dance...

Juliette and the Sukha Team X

We also do yoga occasionally so we also have a yoga page :) http://www.orckidyoga.co.uk/