Reduce Your Use of Plastic

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a mammoth island of marine debris floating somewhere in the North Pacific at a whopping 7 MILLION SQ miles wide. It is too large for scientists to trawl the entire span of the island...much of which descends down into the ocean also. 

See for yourself the eye popping amount of accumulated waste below:

So what can we do as conscious humans sharing the planet to start taking responsibility as this being part of our problem and cause. 

1) We've all seen those harrowing images on Blue Peter as a kid of ocean birds being throttled by plastic bags..well it's still happening. But now there is no excuse as the the government have finally jumped on this one and there is a plethora of fancy cotton bags that we can all stash in our car/bags and have at the ready. No excuse. 

2) Carry a reusable water holder. Plastic water bottles are in the top 5 most found debris on beaches. Recycling of these bottles are limited as only PET can be recycled. So invest in a water filter instead's cheaper in the long run and you won't be exposed to the toxins that plastic bottles emit. 

3) Upcycle! So much fun and so creative. See PET lamps and Teeki Yoga pants for inventive examples of how to create something so spectacular from rubbish. (we only wear Teeki here at Sukha!)

4) Say no to straws! Seriously. These are in the top 10 found washed up on beaches, choking unsuspecting wildlife. Invest in a little quirky glass one instead. 

5) Have a rustic picnic party instead of a poncy plastic one...use recycled cutlery and plates if you are having too much fun to wash up...much more stylish also. 

6) Recycle old electronics rather than dump..they'll be someone who can reuse them or at least use parts. 

7) Buy home cleaning products in boxes and packets as opposed to bottles. Even better, make your own cleaning product with a little aromatherapy oil...which will be our next post. So stay connected! 

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