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Best Yoga Mat

The search for the right yoga mat. It can be a long and winding one…around many stores and websites to find ‘the one’. Chances are and how it rolls, is that you’ll experience many that ‘will do’ in the interim of you finding the best yoga mat.  There is no harm done in this flirtation stage as what you’ll discover is not what you want in a mat, but rather what you don’t want! As yogis we’ve all experienced the cheap tack that is the equivalent of candy floss in yoga form..the kind of mat that your leg sticks to like a warm bum on a leather car seat. Or the mat that causes you to resemble your pet running on...

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We Are of The Earth

There’s a real buzz here in Dorset at present - mid heat wave - and as the masses descend down onto our glorious beaches, a Facebook video went viral documenting a heart felt plea to stop dumping litter on our glistening sands.  Heartwarming it was to hear that this got shared thousands of times by people who have beach preservation in their hearts.  It all prompted me to ponder why certain souls would even dream of tarnishing such beauty with such flippant disregard?  The answer I believe lays in man’s confusion of seeing himself separate from the Earth; something of a haughty being at the top of the heirachy of inhabitants, whom assumes the majority of the planet is...

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Reduce Your Use of Plastic

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a mammoth island of marine debris floating somewhere in the North Pacific at a whopping 7 MILLION SQ miles wide. It is too large for scientists to trawl the entire span of the island...much of which descends down into the ocean also.  See for yourself the eye popping amount of accumulated waste below: So what can we do as conscious humans sharing the planet to start taking responsibility as this being part of our problem and cause.  1) We've all seen those harrowing images on Blue Peter as a kid of ocean birds being throttled by plastic bags..well it's still happening. But now there is no excuse as the the government have finally jumped...

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